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i swear.

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god, yes. oh god, yes.

it’s amazing how vulnerable leighton can make blair seem at times.

wonder who ruffled her feathers this time

what would one do without a Dorota?

happy now, e.whit?

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ahhh a little Pacey Witteresque action? GossipGirl on trial? Blair’s dad to the rescue (hopefully with help from Dorota!)? Serena questioning Dannyboy’s intentions with the new teach? There will be blood. This could be good.

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ahhh it’s been so long!
this show is so meta.

very original, joshie.

and so the live (west coast, dvr’d) blogging begins again!



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blair and the lord are over?? S is back; dethroning queen B?? what is UP with chuck?? when he does his adorable little evil look, what exactly is he looking at? the duchess is gone??!? that transfer chick was hired?? to talk about rilke?? vanessa couldnt wait five little minutes and totally jumped the gun and ruined things with nate? he wont forgive her for lying to him (he is such a girl)?? MGMT is getting playtime at everyone’s favorite underage-serving upper east side school-night joint (LOVE it. see my post earlier today)??? mama van der woot wants rufus but he isnt having any of it? jenny is in her boss’s good graces? dan the hobbit is being obnoxious as usual?? blair is actually really upset about marcus? theyre playing Santogold’s “Shove It” when Lonely Boy gets ostracized in the quad (hell freaking yes, Santi!)? they’re all working those school girl outfits way better than britney ever did???!

loving it.

revenge is just tacky, S.

guess who’s back?

dont you get it, cute brooklyn girl? im way too pretty for my own good!

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