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let’s catch up, shall we?

  • so you think you can dance! in oakland with kendall and emma. holy crap can those teens dance. seeing chelsie and mark perform bleeding love in person, surrounded by 50,000 screaming girls? awesome.
  • first 5k! 366th… but 12th in my age group. 32:99 isnt exactly a sprint, but seeing as i’m 2 weeks into running since ACL surgery, im probably pushing it more than i should already. felt like such a local driving out to the east bay and running through lafayette. followed by a lovely brunch with the sweetest old men from frontrunners
  • dad’s rock! best day ever: the alemany farmers market (fabulous find!! tell your friends!), tartine bread, grilled veggies, good red wine and italian sausage!!! 
  • road trip!! last friday drove down to LA with julia and paige for a 12 hour disney craze
  • some scary stuff on the way down with a drunk driver almost hitting me head on while i was cruising down the left lane on [the] five at 2 am. [seriously, kids, dont drink and drive. so not worth it]
  • mr toad’s wild ride is not quite the wild ride i remembered it to be. in fact, it’s not wild whatsoever. apparently ive mixed memories. what i remember as utterly thrilling and / or terrifying was actually just the haunted house. go figure.
  • space mountain is awesome. totally and utterly awesome.
  • disney = the best birth control. so many screaming children who dont want to wait in line but do want to bleed your wallet dry. kids, thank your parents for ever taking you anywhere remotely kid-centric. they deserve it.
  • a double double protein style makes an excellent road trip snack.
  • pinkberry IS as delicious as they say.
  • garrett knows good brunch! i need to get my butt back down to LA soon so we can paint the town purple.
  • carving pumpkins is taxing work. tools recommended. and pumpkin beer.
  • burma superstar? totally worth the wait. the coconut rice! the curries! the superstar shrimp! i newly ❤ the richmond.
  • used bookstores are my enabler, nora roberts is my dealer, romance is my crack.
  • dexter just keeps getting better! i knew carlos knew! (okay, fine, it was kat. but she convinced me.) so excited shotime just ordered two new seasons!   [**okay, crap. i meant miguel. thanks garr.]
  • just read stephanie meyer’s twilight. totally young adult, and pretty predictable (girl falls in love with vampire, he wants to bite her, drama drama drama, blah blah blah), but thoroughly enjoyable. just bought the second book, and im psyched.
  • saw high school musical with kendall! and a billion 7 year olds who audibly squealed when zac efron and whatserface smooch on screeen. the verdict: so much better than i thought itd be!! they did a really good job of putting most dance numbers on the stage, so it didnt feel completely out of place. very musical theatery/ also, the songs may or may not have been super catchy.
  • disney, dont even try to convince me that choreography dude likes girls. cause he does not.
  • zac efron, im sorry i may have once mentioned your name in discussing gayface with val. the fact is, you are far less pretty and far more sexy than all those airbrushing mags make you out to be. you’re freaking sex on a stick. that is all.


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