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from last week’s south park, which Val dutifully reported on (we ❤ big egos & gay shit). 
i know it’s old news and viacom has taken all the clips of the episode off youtube, but im still enjoying the mp3. oh, and does anyone else wish kanye would lay off the caps lock key when he blogs?



Kanye is a Gay Fish (cue the autotune)


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monday night, 8 40, and im stuck at work again, missing gossip girl (arghggh yet AGAIN! i despite outdated blogposts, but whatever. maybe Mandy and Erin will step it up and recap for me this week. =) )

my only consolation?

this actually rocks.

here are a few goodies:
If you seek amy (get it??? she butchers almost every grammatical rule here, but it’s catchy as heck)
Lace and Leather (ahh, what would stevie think?)

and because you were nice enough to read this far after you realized it was a britney post:
T-pain feat JT – Can’t Believe It (remix) 
(more autotune, yes, but freaking catchy as hell. you wont be disappointed)

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holy crap, im loving this.

more from kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks:

See you in my nightmares (feat. li’l wayne) (also known as tell everybody you know)
–> really catchy, a little dark: im loving this track.

–> sort of slower, sort of coldplay-ish / way r & b with the backing harmonies, but really enjoyable.

Welcome to the Heartbreak (feat. kid cudi)
–> homage to the lakers. have i mentioned how much i dig kid cudi??

think ive put up almost everything that’s leaked so far: Anyway, Love Lockdown, Heartless, Coldest Winter… if some of the older links dont work, just let me know.

oh, and if you like the album half as much as i do, you’ll buy it.
come on, someone’s gotta keep kanye afloat in all that burberry.

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another from 808’s & Heartbreak:

Coldest Winter

not bad… and essentially a tears for fears cover.
oh, and there’s that vocoder again! thoughts?

oh, and here’s a great tidbit from one of my favorite swedes [thanks, garr]:
Robyn – Dream On

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