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Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester – Good Girls Go Bad.

So ridiculously catchy.  Starting off on a Cobra Starship track is a pretty smart move; lets hope it pays off. Looking forward to her debut from Universal; crossing my fingers she’ll have staying power.  (but does anyone else think it’s odd that the track was written by Kevin Rudolf and Kara DioGuardi? whatever happened to pop punk acts that wrote their own overly emotional material??)

EDIT: here’s another: Leighton – Birthday ft. Awesome New Republic <– this track is fantastic.

in other news, Ed Westwick isnt her only castmate fronting a band. Taylor Momsen’s been rocking out some crazy pipes for her band, Pretty Reckless.  The girl’s got talent, and the band is pretty legit: theyre touring with the Veronicas this summer.

Pretty Reckless – song ripped from the youtube vid.


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today’s high in SF: 69 degrees
today’s high in NYC: 18 degrees

looks chilly, cuties:

ill keep you warm, too!

ill keep you warm, too!

im pretty sure those scripts theyre holding contain lots of delicious lines for leighton, and more predictable lameness for dear Jessie.  also, trying to decide how i feel about leighton’s highlights, although i DO love the specs.   yum.

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it’s been a hellish monday.  my only redemption? chuck, blair, a blackout? the perfect recipe for unwinding. (or psuedo-unwinding, b/c i had to work through the entire serena / dan drama)

how great is this dress? love the greco-roman, angelina-in-alexander, lena-in-the-300 look.

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