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this has been my pick for some time now, and i havent found anything that gets even remotely close.  love the video, too. but why the heck is GaGa singing with that clutch??

“they call me Mr. Never-Wear-the-Same-Thing”

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elly jackson looking a little severe

read an article last week in the guardian on the new wave of female singers embracing the 80’s asthetic, like La Roux, Little Boots, Lady Gaga, V.V. Brown and Ladyhawke.  It’s no secret that i adore these girls, as well as similar-minded artists like Lykke Li, Santogold Santigold, Robyn, Bat for Lashes and Annie. read the article here (interesting comments on the schtick / androgyny favored by some of these chickies – apparently Ladyhawke a.k.a. Pip Brown loves wearing boys’ underoos.)! 

Some goodies from the girlies (some reposts here):

Little Boots covering Time to Pretend on a tenori-on:

Ladyhawke – Dusk til Dawn (ft Pascal Gabriel)
La Roux – bulletproof
Little Boots – Meddle **
Lady Gaga – Eh Eh  (Nothing Else I can Say)
V.V. Brown – Quick Fix 
Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Kings of Leon cover / mash up) **
Robyn – Be Mine (Acoustic)
Bat for Lashes – Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix) **
Annie – Antonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
N.A.S.A. – Gifted ft Kanye, Santigold and Lykke Li Remix ** (i was gonna post a Santi track, but heck, this rules)
**highly recommended

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lady gaga continues to amaze. the woman is a creative genius, and i totally dig it.

check out her performance on ellen of [a yet again rearranged] Poker Face, which showcases both her vocal talent and [ridiculously bizarre] creativity. the only thing im not digging is that insane [denim??] ensemble:

here’s the mp3: Poker Face (Live on Ellen)
+ my fave remix: Poker Face (Pete Rock Remix) [**fixed link]
+ my fave Lady Gaga guest appearance: Wale – Chillin’ (the chorus is so freaking catchy)

and from back when she was rocking out as Stefanie:
Red and Blue
Wish You Were Here

if you dig LG as much as i do, buy the album!

Oh, and here’s Rihanna’s new one, Silly Boy (take that, chris brown!) <– CORRECTION: Lady Gaga, via Kanye’s blog, just clarified that she is NOT on this track.

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Now I love Kid Cudi, but i was a little worried Day N Nite would get overplayed and then just blow over. Little Boots put out a fantastic cover a while back, and Chiddy Bang just dropped their take on the track.  I ❤ Chiddy, so obviously I’m digging it, but honestly, i do sort of miss Cudi’s catchy hook.  The Philly boys’ remix is well worth listening to, though: the lyrics are fantastic and i cant wait until they get their album out.  On a whim, I wrote their drummer, Zach Sewall yesterday, and he said theyre working hard to get the Kung Fu EP out this summer. If you’re in the philly area, go check them out, seriously. i think they’re playing at Swarthmore this weekend (hilarious, right?).

Chiddy Bang – Day N Nite
i just realized what they rapped early on in Because (ft. Radiohead):
top floor yeah / think i might move in / ivy league writing / tell me what upenn
❤ (or maybe i dreamed it)
 MIA ft Kovas – Hit That
MIA sounds like missy in this short little track. i didnt want to like it, bc i feel like it just has too many references / beats from paper planes, but ugh, it’s catchy. and i love the lyrics: we fly like paper, get high like planes, smokin pineapple express til it fries my brain
NERD ft Santogold Santigold- Soldier
I cant believe Santi had to drop the O in her name.  Still, crazy exciting track.

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