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i swear.

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ahh blog stats. for a frame of reference, the ALL TIME most searched term that leads people (okay, teenage girls, most likely) to my site: Zac Efron. 
Seriously. 1,310 searches (a lot for a li’l blogger like me). And that’s only since i blogged about HSM3!

then for a while, it was all about Daniel Craig (with good reason).

but now – let’s just say all is right in the world. behold the crappy screen capture + subsequent paint defamation:


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i dont know whats up with that weird chin-down pout eddie does, but im not complaining.

i don't know what's up with that weird chin-down pout eddie does, but im not complaining.

this made my day.  from the Daily Intel’s post about meeting GG exec producers:

Savage and Schwartz loved Ed Westwick from the moment he came in to read (for the role of Nate!). “But he looks like a serial killer!” the network protested.

isnt that the appeal?  
he looks like he could grow up to be dexter. but with a blonder [step] sister.
ugh, who am i kidding? i totally prefer brunettes to blondes.

oh wait, i just saw this:
showing the love with gayface

ahh gayface love.

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of late:


this is everywhere right now, but whatevs. lindsay jew’s it up while [thank god] ensuring her adoring fans [read: me] all is well in the state of celezbrity:

oy vey! rumors..

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.
samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up
take care

so glad that got cleared up!

Julia’s text to me over thanksgiving:

Dreamed i was serena and dating chuck. Blair hated me. It was awesome.

Serena and chuck? thank god you really were dreaming (but ooh, that wardrobe!!).

Oh, and good stuff from Lily Allen. And a Jay-Z / Santogold track produced by Kanye?? Love it.
Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard
Lily Allen – The Fear
and cause i can; Britney – Amnesia

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“i’ve got a proposition for you…”

hmmm. homage to cruel intentions, anyone?


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it’s been a hellish monday.  my only redemption? chuck, blair, a blackout? the perfect recipe for unwinding. (or psuedo-unwinding, b/c i had to work through the entire serena / dan drama)

how great is this dress? love the greco-roman, angelina-in-alexander, lena-in-the-300 look.

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