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the unified opinion of most lesbians last night: so excited, so excited!!! so…. scared.
lord knows you cant please everybody, but did mama chaiken even try? maybe.
lord knows you cant please everybody, but did mama chaiken even try? eh.
with a high point like this, there was no where else to go but down

with a high point like this, there was no where else to go but down

the end of an era? say what you will about the sexiest, most obnoxious, frustrating, ridiculously unrealistic yet totally groundbreaking show out there, it’s going to be missed. obviously there have been some HUGE missteps along the way (dana dying, carmen leaving, any storyline involving jenny after season 1 including her, you know, drowning in bette and tina’s pool), and i could go on forever about the evil maleficent force that is ilene chaiken; but let’s just leave it at this: the l word will be missed.

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Im going to reserve the snark for gossip girl (and Val, who’s absolutely brilliant), and just say a few things about tonight’s L Word (really, there’s no need to get into all the ways in which ilene chaiken disappoints):


ooh, i want that cardigan. but not the herpes that comes with that kiss

cybill sheperd coming onto bette? priceless (and terrifying!!).
finally, some comedy! (thank god)

oh, and helena? welcome back.

ps. tina, LOVE the hair. god laurel holloman with bangs.

tina  bette

tina > bette

pps. so glad the group dynamic is back. shane + jenny = actually sort of cute. and such awesome fodder for everyone else.

ppps. we all know nikki totally stole that negative. and where the f is liz berkley?

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you may have noticed i have yet to comment on the final season of the l word. there are two reasons for this: i) i havent seen Sunday’s episode yet (though it’s suffice to say, im so excited!) and ii) im so excited, im so… scared.  jenny drowned (AND got crazy again. come back hilarious and adorably spectacled-little j!); max is WHAT (ugh, i cant believe i saw your post, Garr. and the ugh was for the complete disloyalty to his character, not the spoiler); Dana’s dead; Helena is getting minimal screen time; nikki is an absolutely [hot but] atrocious actor; there’s been zero consistency of character; and oh, Carmen is gone!!

guess whos back?

guess who's back?

but wait!!! redemption, perhaps? Carmen is gone is coming back for the season finale!  i take it back! I take it all back. honestly, i dont care if it’s just for Jenny’s funeral and she’s married with two kids, or wearing a fat suit and eating donuts onscreen for half a second; Sarah Shahi on the L word- even with an awful storyline and crumbling character loyalty and preposterous plot devices – is better than the L Word without her. 

Case in point:

did you need any more convincing?

did you need any more convincing?

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dear g-d: it’s me, alex. please please please dont let Helena lose her job. Again. Kbye.
ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

 Sent at 10:55 AM on Friday
Val: hmm
i’m kind of dreading this season.

Alexandra: me too
it’s going to be awful
Alexandra: i just want light fun, no one dying / being an alcoholic / cheating on their one true love / burning something down / getting fired from their job / going to jail / getting cancer / being assaulted / being blackballed / leaving someone at the altar / doing drugs / having their life stolen by an ungrateful, less attractive doppelganger / or dating men entertainment. i want flowers and puppies and flirtation and late nights dancing and group hangs and early mornings cuddling and crazy sexy chemistry and professional success and financial security and good hair and no bad things happening to good (or severely battered-after-five-seasons) characters. oh and i want rachel shelley all to myself.
is that too much to ask?
Val: yes that is.
A summary, in tunes (hover over the link to see the track):
major betrayal here. 
oh well. i’ll live. 
it helps that rachel shelley is pretty.  

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