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Mickey Factz – Sensibility 
the first song i’ve heard referencing the economic slowdown (crisis? giant implosion? abyss?)

Chiddy Bang – Because (ft Radiohead) 
Sooner or Later
–> fantastic indie rappers from philly (i think they might actually be Drexel students) and chock full of great beats and smart lyrics. there’s even one chris brown grammy night reference. (too soon?) oh, and there’s a track sampling Tom Waits that absolutely sick: Ice Cream Man
(how have i never gotten into Waits? his voice has been described as sounding “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.” apt? yes. awesome? absolutely.)

and cause i’m [recently] obsessed:
Fanfarlo – Luna
(say what you will about the Beirut / Arcade Fire similarities, they freaking rock)


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throwback, baby

sitting in the big chairs at van pelt right now, doing work and watching the kiddies on locust walk. crazy, right?

not much has changed: went to metropolitan for breakfast with jude (nothing new there: crappy service, high prices, but addictive nonetheless. even the granola is the same – im still not that fond of the blueberry addition, but whatever). both jazzy and rachel came by vp earlier and it was great. lots of laughs and giggles. im seeing half familiar faces and slipping into college anonymity. the tabard girls are still outside, though they seem to have relocated on college green. im getting my hair cut at saturn club in an hour, and dreaming of magic carpet for lunch. funny how nice and comfortable it is to slip into familiarity. the only thing really different right now is, im doing actual work and not just stealing people’s music, and i live all the way across the country.

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