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dear g-d: it’s me, alex. please please please dont let Helena lose her job. Again. Kbye.
ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

 Sent at 10:55 AM on Friday
Val: hmm
i’m kind of dreading this season.

Alexandra: me too
it’s going to be awful
Alexandra: i just want light fun, no one dying / being an alcoholic / cheating on their one true love / burning something down / getting fired from their job / going to jail / getting cancer / being assaulted / being blackballed / leaving someone at the altar / doing drugs / having their life stolen by an ungrateful, less attractive doppelganger / or dating men entertainment. i want flowers and puppies and flirtation and late nights dancing and group hangs and early mornings cuddling and crazy sexy chemistry and professional success and financial security and good hair and no bad things happening to good (or severely battered-after-five-seasons) characters. oh and i want rachel shelley all to myself.
is that too much to ask?
Val: yes that is.
A summary, in tunes (hover over the link to see the track):
major betrayal here. 
oh well. i’ll live. 
it helps that rachel shelley is pretty.  

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check out that view!

if i were sam, id be enjoying that view, too

from Harper’s current cover story with lilo:

“I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing,” Lindsay admits after much, much prodding. “I think it’s no shock to anyone that it’s been going on for quite some time. … She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

i also very much enjoyed this quote:

“There’s not much you can do with leggings, but I’m doing everything I can,”

im with team lilo on that one.
eat your heart out, Waldorf.

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valerie claire n., shame on you! in the midst of all your blogging and googling, how could you not see this? i thought we shared our good taste in everything!

the final scene from step up 2 (they take it to the streets!!!)

sick, right?

the adam chu v miley and mandy dance battle. channing tatum is even in it! and lilo!! it was all the rage four months ago:

remember the night we watched stomp the yard at courtlin’s and i made up dance moves for you all?

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massive post devoted to lronson at thisrecording.wordpress

alex carnevale isnt especially hilarious, but there’s some good snark and he posted some of samro’s mp3s (yes!!). and i did enjoy these tidbits:

“I’m not one of those people that finds lesbians extra-special erotic. I find them intriguing because they’re just like us.”  <– oh alexc, i can certainly relate!

“…if I was also a sexy and discerning lesbian candy treat” (who wouldnt wish this?)

i realize this could have been on val’s blog. or our new secret blog. i thought about sparing everyone who doesnt care, but then i just thought, what the heck.

ps. tonight, erin commented on aforementioned secret blog, and when an email hit my inbox with a cute message ending with “i wuv you”, my immediate thought was, ooh! i hope val doesnt get jealous
but then i realized she was an administrator, too, and that the comment was in fact directed at her. dammit.

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