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via gchat this a.m. –

Amanda: i had a dream last night that i met lindsay lohan on a pittsburgh bus… 
  and i got her autograph for you and val
  it was funny because i’m pretty sure my first thought in the dream was “omg! alex and val love lindsay    

Val: HA
  what !!
  did she ask her if her and sam are getting back together ?!
  that’s the first thing i would have said

me too, val, me too.

speaking of val:

Val: i just want to bake the whole world a cake filled with rainbows and unicorns 😦
  i have a lot of feelings!

i love my friends.


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lindsay blogs about palin!

read it here!

and criticizes her homophobia! and actually sounds decently educated on the issues! and she and samantha both leave a little note at the end! hmmmm!

while i admit reading celeblogs is pretty awful, id like to remind you all that i dont get out much. i dont even really get to watch tv (except for gossip girl, which ive decided i need to see somehow), so i dont have shows like the hills (ick) to fulfill all my gossipy needs. thus, samro and lilo’s myspaces must suffice!

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