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j. humph rocked this episode.

not going to lie, the complete lack of suspense tonight was a little ridiculous. 
blair calls chuck inhuman, and says he should hang out with dan. dan’s mentor tells him he needs to break out of his boring holdenesque existence. chuck shows some pain, dan shows some spunk; they end up in jail. chuck finds out dan’s writing about him and freaks out (charlie trout! how original!!). i comment on how attractive ed westick is, even while sneering. julia makes note to start speaking in a whisper and avoid all eye contact with people. not sure it’d have quite the same effect.



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at the risk of being slightly inappropriate during this trying time…

…we knew the archibald’s were in trouble, but here’s hoping the waldorf’s will weather the storm.

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it’s been a hellish monday.  my only redemption? chuck, blair, a blackout? the perfect recipe for unwinding. (or psuedo-unwinding, b/c i had to work through the entire serena / dan drama)

how great is this dress? love the greco-roman, angelina-in-alexander, lena-in-the-300 look.

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