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it’s a silly time to learn to swim…

tegan and sara – my number


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Tegan and Sara are streaming Sainthood over on their myspace until Friday. And it’s fantastic.

two great tracks so far:
Sentimental Tune

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im pretty sure i wont be doing any Gossip Girl posts until November. lo ciento. lets hope Chuck and Blair dont spontaneously combust before then.

here’s the new Tegan and Sara track from the upcoming Sainthood, though: Hell

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off DJ Tiesto’s upcoming LP —–> Feel It In My Bones

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i totally forgot about this! last thanksgiving, kellyn and i showed up to the pancake mountain dance party for tegan and sara, and danced on stage with a bunch of little kids while the twinnies rocked out next to us. unfortunately, neither kellyn nor i am below the age of ten, or have little children, so there’s minimal footage of us. if you look close at 3:11, though, there we are, bopping along with some little kids bouncing up and down!

woot! happy friday, everyone!

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