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senior class yearbook photos?

senior class yearbook photos?

Lily van der Woodsen  gets her own spin off (ugh, and i guess that boring Rufus might be there, too)! Young van der Woodsen née Rhodes is packed off by her ridiculously wealthy parents to live in the San Fernando Valley with her sister.  What ensues? Im hoping for little Clueless-esque drama, and a whole lot of ridiculous partying with dirty rock stars. She was a groupie, right? So it’ss have to be something like Almost Famous, minus the psuedo-intellectual stuff and the endearing Frances McDormand. Plus more drugs, glitter and spandex, and STDs.  This should be good.

Now, Kelly Rutherford is all the rage these days – what, with her divorce from her young (he looks 20!!) French husband – but I did some digging, and besides tying with Kelly Rowan for hottest mom in a teen drama, she also rocked out on Melrose Place (and a surprising amount of other shows) and is apparently an international superstar. Courtesy of IMDB:

Kelly Rutherford has been and still is a famous celebrity in Turkey. Her role in the short-lived, but highly acclaimed TV series “Generations” (1989) , made an impression in the cultural psyche of the Turkish people so much so that allusions to Sam, her character, are commonly applied in daily life. If you ask the devout fans they’ll readily attribute the success of the drama entirely to her presence. She followed her fame by recording various commercials for the Turkish market, and even appeared in a nationally broadcast music festival. Rutherford’s kindness has very much endeared her to the Turkish people.

huh, how about that!

oh, and in searching for good kelly rowan videos on youtube, it turns out Mischa Barton is a complete[ly hot] klutz. Who knew? Theyre just like us!


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Okay, so it wasnt a total train wreck. Palin managed to not fuck up entireley. However, she also made it incredibly clear that she is absolutely incapable of a coherent sentence. To be honest, I’m not entireley sure how she did because half the time, I had no idea what she was trying to say.  And if she mentions energy policy in Alaka one more time… and that comment, “her reward is in heaven,” about Biden’s wife?? WTF. how awkward was that? And the cutesy stuff? Blowing kisses; winking!; smiling flirtatiously when you dont have an answer? Way overdone:

“Say it ain’t so, Joe, there you go again pointing backwards again. You [prefaced] your whole comment with the Bush administration. Now, doggone it, let’s look ahead.”

Did that really come out of her mouth?? you betcha it did! Did anyone else see Biden trying not to crack up? thought he did a fantastic job. direct, to the point, actually answered some of the moderator’s questions! and when he teared up talking about his child and late wife… he handled himself well.

unfortunately, neither candidate was especially positive on the issue of gay marriage.  did anyone else notice they both avoided the word gay until the lovely moderator used the term herself? hmmm…  i love how every time Palin says something she knows could get her into trouble, she tries to backpedal and provide a disclaimer. ahhh nothing says leader of the free world like rambling, incoherence, and overqualying every other sentence.

cute just aint gonna cut it, sugar.

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The country is understandably focused on the financial crisis. But there is another serious issue in front of us that is not getting nearly enough attention, and that’s whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president — or, if the situation were to arise, president of the United States.

Bob Herbert, have you not been reading my blog?!?
Or seen my nifty flow chart?
I thought we were friends (god knows i you’re consistently smart and insightful, and far more likeable than Dowd and her often unnecessary oversnark!
It’s okay, you redeemed yourself with [yet another – oh who cares, keep writing people!] recap of the now infamous Couric interview.  Loved this gem of a criticism:

It was surreal, the kind of performance that would generate a hearty laugh if it were part of a Monty Python sketch. But this is real life, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. As Ms. Palin was fumbling her way through the Couric interview, the largest bank failure in the history of the United States, the collapse of Washington Mutual, was occurring.

read the rest here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/27/opinion/27herbert.html?em

ps. good to see that this whole Palin debacle is in many ways separate from McCain. While his choice makes his judgement look questionable, for the most part, Palin’s gaffs are all her own.

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…and asking real questions! (someone’s been listening to amy poehler)

one word on Palin: honestly?

After the Gibson interview (and her many flubs), you’d think Sarah Palin’s campaign team would spend a little more time prepping her for interviews, and little less energy thinking up dumb jokes and digging up stylish two pieces for her strut around in.  Last night, the Governidiot fumbled her way through an interview with Katie Couric (looking good, katie! way to rock the serious face), where the journalist asked her specific questions and probed her to clarify her earlier missteps.  did Palin deliver thoughtful and intelligent answers? Nope.  it’s clear this woman is wayyy in over her head. 

Let’s take a look:


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snl’s palin/clinton sketch was nothing short of amazing. fey is hilarious as the clueless governor, and poehler is absolutely fantastic as hillary.

for some reason NBC took down all the youtube versions, and it wont let me embed to wordpress. it does, however, embed to blogspot, so WATCH THE VIDEO HERE NOW!

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apologies: im currently incapable of blogging about anything else.

 “Five kids? Does anyone in that party understand the concept of pulling out?” —Bill Maher

HILARIOUS article over at nymag compiling some of the best jokes so far: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/09/sarah_palin_jokes_is_mccains_v.html

has anyone else seen the fake Sarah Palin Blog?

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