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Well, how did i get here?


big scary life changing decisions. potential reversal of big scary life changing decisions that happened to be the best ever made. slight apprehension about what the next few days hold. but still, ever thankful im still employed.

An overly dramatic playlist: 
Laura Veirs – Dont Lose Yourself
An Horse  – Scared as F***
Muse – Time is Running Out
Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand


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dad met jude! and the world didnt implode!

ron, my dad, judy and i hung out a few weeks ago after i got back from sf. it was great – we did what the Chan’s always do: talk about food, make fun of each other for being fat, be obnoxious, eat aforementioned food, and go to target.

luckily after months of spending time with me, jude was prepared to handle the ridiculousness / superficiality / all-around wackiness that can be my sister and i.

made a great little family dinner – italian sausage and grilled peppers and onions on warmed italian rolls and yummy salad with fresh avocados and a homemade rasberry / blackberry pie!
absolutely delicious. and reminded me of xmas/new years in pennington/yardley with our good family friends (and that one time where their daughter was eating leftover sausage by just wrapping it in a napkin and going at it popsicle-style).

finished off the night watching step up, which my father pretended not to like, but definitely joined us on the couch for, and then proceeded to ask, “is this that movie where…. ?” and gave us the entire plotline of save the last dance. seriously, he loves this stuff.

ooh also we tried this random place in hampden, rocket to venus. strange menu, but delicious balsamic-marinated brussel sprouts! followed that up with some cake love. the cake part of their cupcakes is always mediocre, but man that frosting! oh the buttercream! i highly recommend their pumpkin cake, too. moist moist moist!

soundtrack: battles – atlas

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