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indie kids do dance

i think im going to love this city.

sitting at a coffee shop in the mission across from delores park with melanie and dan and listening to gillian welch below the buzz of the conversations around us. the place is packed and it smells like french toast, and i cant wait to go across the street and try the infamous ice cream at Bi-rite. already im looking forward to trying their salted caramel.

last night jimmy and i partied soma style with a bunch of googlers. had such a blast. his friend lives in soma, and aside from feeling like we might stumble upon a body stashed down an alley somewhere, it was pretty cool. killer loft with industrial flooring and lots of steel. im definitely a fan of the look (odd, because it is sort of cold – the kind of place that cries for a vintage worn brown leather couch or something ), and i like the idea of lofts. i think spending most of my adult life in apartments has made me appreciate them, but there’s something about the idea of a flat with stairs that i just love. i semi remember our place in hong kong back in kindergarten had stairs in it. i like the safety and views and ease of apartments, but i also like how different floors separate common / living spaces.

anyway lots of google kids there, some familiar faces and some not. seems like i keep running into penn kids, though. funny. and met a kid who lived in kenya and then jakarta for a little while. i sort of like all these odd connections.

went to the dna lounge for this crazy good party – bootie or something. sick mash ups and a britney / kelly danceoff in drag at midnight. danced danced danced all night long, and random kids we knew kept arriving. definitely a different scene than id have expected most googlers to like. it was great. lots of crazy ppl wearing random ass goth stuff and weird shit, i blended nicely in my giant furry hooded vest. some awesome mash ups that im going to have to find a way to steal and post up here. for now, check out bootieusa.com. the amy winehouse mashes are pretty sick.


just realized i never posted this.
for the record, the salted caramel rocked.

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