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according to OK!, my favorite model-turned-actor of the moment makes the leap from The L Word – stops over at the now defunct South of Nowhere – and lands on…Gossip Girl 

good lord, a thousand times yes.  is it too much to ask that she be thrown into the awesome subtext that is Blair and Serena?


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brooding blair: yum.

because i can.

because i can: the ghosts of episodes past.

gossip girl!! and im ACTUALLY live blogging it this week!

we open on last week: all i know is i am terrified about this whole new year’s shenanigan. and i really want to hate hate jack bass, but i think im stuck with just mild dislike because he’s deb’s sexy / obnoxious / questionably [un]ethical partner from Dex. minus like 30 ibs.


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Saw Twilight last night, and it really deserves a post of its own. for now, though: (1) thank god they just fired Catherine Hardwicke from New Moon.  As a director, she just plain blows. The music? The ridiculously slow shots? The embarassingly obvious “he’s cold, and pale, and oh my god, vampire?!?” The complete overacting – which was pretty painful, save the fact that Kristen Stewart (what a cutie!) does a great impression of being about to come about 78% of the movie… and (2) last night i opened Nora Robert’s Birthright and the first sentence? “Douglas Edward Cullen had to pee” !! Coincidence? I think not.  Stephanie Meyer, who? It’s all about Nora, baby. (and i love that Google reader has like 480 pages of this book online!!)


in other news: (more…)

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of late:


this is everywhere right now, but whatevs. lindsay jew’s it up while [thank god] ensuring her adoring fans [read: me] all is well in the state of celezbrity:

oy vey! rumors..

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.
samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up
take care

so glad that got cleared up!

Julia’s text to me over thanksgiving:

Dreamed i was serena and dating chuck. Blair hated me. It was awesome.

Serena and chuck? thank god you really were dreaming (but ooh, that wardrobe!!).

Oh, and good stuff from Lily Allen. And a Jay-Z / Santogold track produced by Kanye?? Love it.
Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard
Lily Allen – The Fear
and cause i can; Britney – Amnesia

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ahh the return of the live blog!

i like to imagine he's asking her if she's legal. seriously, though, i was hoping for more angry, defiant Nastia, and less OMG you're chuckbass-Swoon!

it’s been two weeks, and im about ready for some drama! here’s to hoping tat if bart bass actually does die, he takes vanessa, dan, and the dirty artist with him. and jenny’s eyeliner.

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“i’ve got a proposition for you…”

hmmm. homage to cruel intentions, anyone?


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right now.

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