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NPR’s All Songs Considered just did a Best of ’09 (So Far). Totally digging it except for two important omissions: Florence & the Machine (the incredible Lungs – Drumming is especially fantastic, as is her cover of Postcards From Italy) and Sunset Rubdown (Dragonslayer = brilliant; see Idiot Heart & You Go On Ahead / Trumpet Trumpet II).

Here’s their list, with the picks i especially agree with in bold. What do you think? (lots of mp3 reposts / tracks ive sent in my mp3 blasts, but a few new ones, too)

The Best Songs of 2009 (so far)
1. “My Girls” Animal Collective
2. “Two Weeks” Grizzly Bear
3. “Blood Bank” Bon Iver <– justin vernon! oh, to have been emma, forever ago!
4. “The Rake’s Song” The Decemberists
5. “Lisztomania” Phoenix <– so much fun
6. “Zero” Yeah Yeah Yeahs <– my fave track on It’s Blitz. love running up Alamo Sq to this.
7. “This Tornado Loves You” Neko Case  <– amazing.
8. Sleepyhead” Passion Pit <– no secret im in love with this song.
9. “Laughing With” Regina Spektor <– disappointing, i thought. especially this track.
10. “The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid” The Decemberists <– love Shara Woodren on this!
11. Train Song” Feist and Ben Gibbard <– from my fave collaboration of the year
12. Knotty Pine” David Byrne & Dirty Projectors <– same album. love love love it.
13. Daniel” Bat For Lashes <– lush. posted a killer remix a few months back, i think.
14. “Summertime Clothes” Animal Collective
15. “One Wing” Wilco <– sorry, ive never been a big jeff tweedy fan, except when he collab. w/ Billy Bragg
16. “The Fear” Lily Allen <– great track. but still obsessed with her cover of “Straight to Hell
17. “Heads Will Roll” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
18. “Wilco (The Song)” Wilco
19. “Stillness Is The Move” Dirty Projectors <– great track but im not obsessed w/ Bitte Orca.
20. Help, I’m Alive” Metric <– im not a huge Emily Haines fan, but there’s something about this track.
21. Anonanimal” Andrew Bird
22. “On No” Andrew Bird <– fantastic song. i wish i listened to him more.
23. “No You Girls” Franz Ferdinand
24. “I And Love And You” The Avett Brothers
25. “French Navy” Camera Obscura <– fantastically fun
26. “Magpie To The Morning” Neko Case <– gorgeous.
27. “Woods” Bon Iver
28. “Black Hearted Love” PJ Harvey and John Parish
29. “While You Wait For The Others” Grizzly Bear
30. Panic Switch” Silversun Pickups <– love, love, love the build up in this.

Read on for the album picks…


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elly jackson looking a little severe

read an article last week in the guardian on the new wave of female singers embracing the 80’s asthetic, like La Roux, Little Boots, Lady Gaga, V.V. Brown and Ladyhawke.  It’s no secret that i adore these girls, as well as similar-minded artists like Lykke Li, Santogold Santigold, Robyn, Bat for Lashes and Annie. read the article here (interesting comments on the schtick / androgyny favored by some of these chickies – apparently Ladyhawke a.k.a. Pip Brown loves wearing boys’ underoos.)! 

Some goodies from the girlies (some reposts here):

Little Boots covering Time to Pretend on a tenori-on:

Ladyhawke – Dusk til Dawn (ft Pascal Gabriel)
La Roux – bulletproof
Little Boots – Meddle **
Lady Gaga – Eh Eh  (Nothing Else I can Say)
V.V. Brown – Quick Fix 
Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Kings of Leon cover / mash up) **
Robyn – Be Mine (Acoustic)
Bat for Lashes – Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix) **
Annie – Antonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
N.A.S.A. – Gifted ft Kanye, Santigold and Lykke Li Remix ** (i was gonna post a Santi track, but heck, this rules)
**highly recommended

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Killer remix of Natasha Khan’s first single from her soph album, Two Suns.
Oh, and the old Gaelic folk song that Passion Pit sampled for Sleepyhead. Check it out.

Bats for Lashes – Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)

Mary O’Hara –
Oro Mo Bhaidin

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