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it’s like that time they married [dark] chocolate and peanut butter.


from N.A.S.A‘s upcoming The Spirit of Apollo: Gifted (feat. Kanye, Santogold and Lykke Li)


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holy crap, im loving this.

more from kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks:

See you in my nightmares (feat. li’l wayne) (also known as tell everybody you know)
–> really catchy, a little dark: im loving this track.

–> sort of slower, sort of coldplay-ish / way r & b with the backing harmonies, but really enjoyable.

Welcome to the Heartbreak (feat. kid cudi)
–> homage to the lakers. have i mentioned how much i dig kid cudi??

think ive put up almost everything that’s leaked so far: Anyway, Love Lockdown, Heartless, Coldest Winter… if some of the older links dont work, just let me know.

oh, and if you like the album half as much as i do, you’ll buy it.
come on, someone’s gotta keep kanye afloat in all that burberry.

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garrett has never led me astray. if you’re not reading vulture, you need to be. daily intel, brilliant.
oh, and the best blog on the internet that you cannot comment on? righthere.
from the preliminary tally on last night’s episode:
• Dan spots Serena coming out of class and says, “How is AP Economics treating you?” Minus 10. Because as if.
interesting article on the olsen twins in the nytimes (courtesy of thisguy). those two work their asses off, and it’s nice to see them getting some press for their business savvy.
on the paparazzi:
[the press] remains a persistent source of anxiety for the Olsens. “Honestly, I’m a wreck,” Ashley said. “Every time I see a camera, I’m a wreck.” The sisters had just been surrounded by photographers in London a few days earlier. “I don’t tend to react as though ‘I have to do this, it’s my job,’ ” Ashley continued. “I am reacting as a woman who is 5- foot-1 whose space is being invaded by a bunch of men whose aggression I can literally feel.
read the article here
OH! i almost forgot!
MORE new kanye: Robocop .
okay, love lockdown was cool, heartless was pretty sick, and i really dug coldest winter. not sure how i feel about this track yet, though. im still holding out for some diversity.

annnnd here’s another goodie. this band reminds me of yeasayer, but it’s a little more dancy / ridic.
passion pit: sleepyhead. i swear this song will make you smile. it’s all lush and love and fairytales.


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