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lindsay blogs about palin!

read it here!

and criticizes her homophobia! and actually sounds decently educated on the issues! and she and samantha both leave a little note at the end! hmmmm!

while i admit reading celeblogs is pretty awful, id like to remind you all that i dont get out much. i dont even really get to watch tv (except for gossip girl, which ive decided i need to see somehow), so i dont have shows like the hills (ick) to fulfill all my gossipy needs. thus, samro and lilo’s myspaces must suffice!


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bob herbert nails it on the head: She’s Not Ready

Palin’s answers to Charlie Gibson were a joke. When asked about her insights on Russia, she said something to the effect of “you can see Russia from Alaska. from an island in alaska!”  are you freaking kidding me?

this one’s great, too: LA Times: Guess Who Was Tougher

it also brings up an interesting issue: the media panders to politicians these days. campaigns and politics have been ruined by the news and internet and television – the hard hitting questions dont seem to matter anymore.  and politicians have become used to this. theyve become soft – they expect certain questions from the media, and dont want to be pressed on the real issues.  they get away with this most of the time, because most americans are too caught up in all the bullshit to care beyond mccain’s wealth and hillary’s pantsuits. but recent events and probing questions reveal that maybe America does care after all.

you might let a woman the gop proudly calls a “hockey mom” have your kids to dinner, but do you really want her leading the free world?

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loved this quote from a random blog, which manages to reference the only two topics im currently capable of posting about:

Lindsay Lohan has been more secretive about her relationship with Samantha Ronson than John McCain’s camp had tried to be about Bristol Palin‘s pregnancy.”

i promise to stop blogging about… okay, i promise to start blogging about other, more interesting things. labor day pics soon. perhaps something existential. maybe more tunes. cross your fingers.

not sure if ive posted this before, but if not, here’s lindsay’s new[ish] track, which may or may not be super catchy: bossy

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