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the GG reality index:

Okay, so let’s get into this subplot, of the real show, wherein Chuck creates Blair’s dream prom for her just “to make sure she had the perfect night.” This is the type of totally unrealistic, hokey plotline that damages young girls forever and fucks up their expectations for men in general. Like on a scale of one to ten, one being Dan’s borrowing a dress from his sister for Serena and ten being the most popular guy in school dumping his hot girlfriend in order to show up at the house of some sophomore he’s never met in a muscle-hugging plaid shirt and whisk her off in a red Ferrari to enjoy a makeout sesh over a birthday cake because she seems, like, real, Chuck’s fairy-godmother act is a least a seven or an eight. First of all, high-school guys are neither detail-oriented nor especially thoughtful, and they are certainly not into performing selfless actions of romance they will not get credit, i.e. laid, for. If they do, then they are stalkers and weird. Second, Jessica has lived her entire life without ever having received a dress mysteriously delivered in a box from Paris that looked like a hideous Beyoncé creation on the hanger but in real life was breathtaking and fit her exactly, and she has a sneaking suspicion that this is due less to her station in life than the fact that it never happens to anyone, ever. If you know differently, please e-mail jpressler [at] nymag.com with the entire story. Until then, minus 10.

for serious. and i love dailyintel for tossing another john hughes reference in there.


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we’re back! oh, all these old storyines resurfacing. and dorota in her fuzzy pink bathrobe =) let’s go!

blair might be wasted, but leighton is seriously rocking that dress.

on a mission: blair might be wasted, but leighton is seriously rocking that dress


Good Cop, Bass Cop

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okay, first things first – apologies to all my (five) faithful readers. this is long long long overdue.

but let’s just jump into it, shall we? it’s been a month (plus?) since we’ve seen our favorite crew (hmm, note the strategic timing of one rolling stone article & delicious cover shoot), and it seems everyone’s going to be up to their old tricks. id almost forgotten about dan’s dustin hoffman moment – this should be interesting. and as GG catches us up, im reminded of how much i do enjoy the silversun pickups (lazy eye !).

and so it begins

btw, the dorota webisodes look abs hilar.

btw, the dorota webisodes look abs hilar.


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god, yes. oh god, yes.

it’s amazing how vulnerable leighton can make blair seem at times.

wonder who ruffled her feathers this time

what would one do without a Dorota?

happy now, e.whit?

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this week: how about we just jump right in?

all she wanted was her fathers approval!

all she wanted was her father's approval!

i should be in bed right now but i must must must blog this now

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according to OK!, my favorite model-turned-actor of the moment makes the leap from The L Word – stops over at the now defunct South of Nowhere – and lands on…Gossip Girl 

good lord, a thousand times yes.  is it too much to ask that she be thrown into the awesome subtext that is Blair and Serena?

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brooding blair: yum.

because i can.

because i can: the ghosts of episodes past.

gossip girl!! and im ACTUALLY live blogging it this week!

we open on last week: all i know is i am terrified about this whole new year’s shenanigan. and i really want to hate hate jack bass, but i think im stuck with just mild dislike because he’s deb’s sexy / obnoxious / questionably [un]ethical partner from Dex. minus like 30 ibs.


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