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a little slice of heaven in pratt park

a little slice of heaven in pratt park

SO excited to see everyone – I ❤ my girls (and boys!)!! 
lets just hope my knees work.

in anticipation, tunes i may or may not have already posted:
little boots  – mathematics <– i cant recommend this song enough
peaches – talk to me (Simian Mobile Disco’d) <– utterly fantastic. my fave of these 3.
the killers – spaceman (steve aoki & the bloody beetroots remix) <– great remix


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fools west followed by fools fest.

last weekend was in santa cruz for fools west.
gorgeous fields overlooking the city and Monterey Bay…

Drove out with some awesome slackjaw girls, and split time with them and some zeitgeist kids. had some great games with both – the teams were so different but so much fun. slackjaw was mostly kids my age – recent grads from berkeley, stanford and davis – and the team was pretty big. bomb squad was with melanie and hammer and some zg / fury / godiva girls, and i had such a good time playing with them. both teams mostly rolled the competition, but the hardest game of the day came with slackjaw against downtown brown – a whole team of asians(!!!) and a whole lotta squirrelliness. talk about pain.
got a call the movers would be coming sunday and had to leave sat afternoon and go back to sf, so i missed the rest of the tourney. despite losing by a large margin to dtb on saturday, slackjaw came back against them on sunday and won the tourney! just wish id been there to help out!

sunday was insane with the movers (i’ll save that for a whole different post.) but the week flew by and before i knew it, i was banking in van pelt on a thursday afternoon (see previous post). friday – sun morning i was in fredericksburg for fools with the surrogate fam.

some highlights:

seeing everyone i love one last time!
playing with dk again
my favorite asian showing up saturday morning, wasted and ready to kick some ass!
rachel shah
my sister actually showing up. and actually playing (sort of!)
me forgetting to explain the rules to her
going (mostly) undefeated
mae aptly renaming our team “alex united” (how vain is it that i kind of liked it?)
attempting to convince everyone i love to move to the west coast (you’re next!)
flip cup!
dance parties with awkward lesbian acquaintences
surprise propositions
rachel shah in hooker heels from target looking gorgeous
clayton telling rachel shah in hooker heels from target that she looked gorgeous
drunk kim krietner
playing a few points with billy!
amanda davis amanda davis amanda davis
a gazillion loose cannonites on one field!
recruiting women to play loose cannon despite not being on the team at all anymore
playing with swat (instead of against them)
lectures from marie (who really does know me better than anyone)
drunk venutians
convincing drunk venutians that women’s is soooo much better than coed
sleeping in with the bean
the bean

a fitting tune:

all my friends

and another that just makes me smile. i cant get this song out of my head!
in the night

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