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Ahh, year end. crisp winter nights, hot chocolate (now, with red peppers ala kat), new sweaters, snuggly scarves, wool socks, brisk runs, red noses, holiday cheer (and snark), and lists! Lists upon lists upon lists! who’s been naughty, who’s  been nice; ingredients for jb’s mother’s ginger snaps; recipients of belated holiday cards, gifts for sister and parents,  pumpkin beers ive yet to try… and last but not least, the best-of lists!!

now, to try and put these in any logical order would be ridiculous and unfair. and when i say the best of ’08, lets not go crazy trying to define what that means for albums released in 2006 in Sweden (thank god Robyn is finally getting some recognition) or the UK (ooh adele! mgmt!). lets just drop all the pretentious logistical stuff and say that here follow the tunes that i dug like mad in ’08.

some are just tracks, others are albums (i admit it, some cds i just didnt listen to all  of – leona lewis, for example – and some i couldnt stop spinning). but all were tunes that will forever remind me of the  following: early mornings driving on brick roads through baltimore, that giddy feeling you get when you realize youre smack dab in the middle of falling in love, packing up and moving all the way across the country, spending lazy nights with the roommies, blogging the multitudes of pop culture crap, running along the bay on the perfect afternoon – the lights just beginning to dim and everything illuminated by soft lights on the water, bike rides down hills at top speed, bike rides uphill and miserable, dance parties in soma till the early morning, road trips down route 1 in search of the perefct bag of cherries, sunday afternoons overlooking dolores park with a nora roberts novel and warm beet salad, grilling on my balcony while the sun goes down, and taking giant blindfolded leaps of proverbial cliffs…

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dear g-d: it’s me, alex. please please please dont let Helena lose her job. Again. Kbye.
ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

 Sent at 10:55 AM on Friday
Val: hmm
i’m kind of dreading this season.

Alexandra: me too
it’s going to be awful
Alexandra: i just want light fun, no one dying / being an alcoholic / cheating on their one true love / burning something down / getting fired from their job / going to jail / getting cancer / being assaulted / being blackballed / leaving someone at the altar / doing drugs / having their life stolen by an ungrateful, less attractive doppelganger / or dating men entertainment. i want flowers and puppies and flirtation and late nights dancing and group hangs and early mornings cuddling and crazy sexy chemistry and professional success and financial security and good hair and no bad things happening to good (or severely battered-after-five-seasons) characters. oh and i want rachel shelley all to myself.
is that too much to ask?
Val: yes that is.
A summary, in tunes (hover over the link to see the track):
major betrayal here. 
oh well. i’ll live. 
it helps that rachel shelley is pretty.  

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holy crap, im loving this.

more from kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks:

See you in my nightmares (feat. li’l wayne) (also known as tell everybody you know)
–> really catchy, a little dark: im loving this track.

–> sort of slower, sort of coldplay-ish / way r & b with the backing harmonies, but really enjoyable.

Welcome to the Heartbreak (feat. kid cudi)
–> homage to the lakers. have i mentioned how much i dig kid cudi??

think ive put up almost everything that’s leaked so far: Anyway, Love Lockdown, Heartless, Coldest Winter… if some of the older links dont work, just let me know.

oh, and if you like the album half as much as i do, you’ll buy it.
come on, someone’s gotta keep kanye afloat in all that burberry.

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oh, and here’s an election day treat for you: NEW KANYE: Anyway (ft. Kid Cudi)

speaking of Kid Cudi, i know NOTHING about rap, but this is an awesome track: Embrace the Martian (ft. Crookers)

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another from 808’s & Heartbreak:

Coldest Winter

not bad… and essentially a tears for fears cover.
oh, and there’s that vocoder again! thoughts?

oh, and here’s a great tidbit from one of my favorite swedes [thanks, garr]:
Robyn – Dream On

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Kanye’s done with the new album and i cant wait. Love Lockdown is awesome, and this unmastered track of Heartless is pretty sick, too. Every song on the album has an 808 drum pattern, and none of the beats sound like your typical hip hop. Im especially excited for his tracks with Young Jeezy (LOVE that dudes voice) and Lil Wayne (cuhrazy).

lots of auto tunage from 808’s & Heartbreak:

Heartless (Unmastered)

Love Lockdown

 what do you think?

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