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to everyone who voted, regardless of your candidate of choice: thank you.

to everyone who voted against gay marriage bans: thank you. i just wish it’d been enough.

im really excited for Obama, but im also deeply saddened by the states, including california, that voted to ban all marriages except those between a man and a woman.  even arizona, which previously voted for a law to prevent such bans, supported the ban on its ballot.  im having trouble grasping it all.  apparently a lot of the bans success is due to massive support from the mormon church; which is really frustrating.  if anyone can understand minority status, id hope it would be them.  Since when has christianity NOT preached tolerance?

(okay, garrett, that was your cue to fill me in, seeing as i am a jew)

here’s to hoping that one day, we have the same rights afforded to us as our fellow man. hey, wait a second, that sounds familiar… im crossing my fingers the constitution bites all the prop 8 supporters in the ass in the very near future.

to everyone (including some that surprised me)  that voiced their frustration / sadness over prop 8 passing: thank you.


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compare and contrast:

stuff asian people like

stuff white people like

…after a quick cursory glance at the first site, i may in fact be as white as i think i am. and far less asian than all my friends are convinced i am. ha!

i wonder if dim sum is on either list…

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this is hilarious, and ridiculously accurate:


im a proud fan of arrested development, indie music and breakfast places!
although i dont think ive ever had yellow fever.

anything else missing from this list?

according to katie motyka, only dumb ass white kids wear shorts in the winter.

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