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if i had a dollar for every line of gossip girl i predicted last night, id have… six dollars. but still. the episode was good, but not gonna lie, i was expecting a liiiittle bit more. maybe it was just Dan’s incessant babbling about Nate bouncing a soccer ball on his knees that just ruined it for me.

the roundup:


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“i’ve got a proposition for you…”

hmmm. homage to cruel intentions, anyone?


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ahhh college! how convenient that all our upper east siders all have the same dream school! it’s like dawson’s creek – you KNOW there’s no way dawson and jen would ever have gone to the same college. she was SO nyu, he was SO lameface. pacey would have done honors at state college, and joey would have gone to brown. seriously. BUT i digress.

yale: queen b’s dream school. the shining star in the triumvirate that is harvard, princeton and yale. how ambitious of the crowd! im thinking new haven is close enough that next year, the kids can do the college thing and be back in the city often enough to keep the show spicy. and where’s gg going to go? will kristen bell ever make an appearance? or is she slick like ghostwriter (remember him? damn those were cool new yorkers)! and um, blair, there ARE other ivies!

in fact, lets place a few of the kids now:

dan: sensitive writer from brooklyn – the kid’s got columbia written all over him
chuck: princeton‘s probably the only place i could imagine kids wearing the getups he does and still get away with it. plus, his ego’s already the size of the eastern seaboard
serena: i could just see her strolling down locust walk in green tights and a tin lunchbox. hello, Penn IS the party ivy. then again, maybe blair was right. Brown does have a certain off-kilter attractiveness to it
blair: i can actually see her at yale. buuut she bombed that one (did she really kiss the dean? eek, awkward!). looks like she’s going to Penn, too. she and Serena can do drinks at Pod and charm the St. A’s boys (SO Nate, unless he decides drinking heavily and throwing chairs out of windows for him, in which case he;ll be up in snowy new hamphire)

okay, so im biased. but really, none of these kids is smart enough for harvard, and cornell is totally lame.

oh right, the episode. here’s what we learned:


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right now.

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spotted: blake lively cozying up with some smoochies to an unknown boy in times square this morning on the set of gg. is our boy humphrey history, or is this just another rung on S’s way up the social ladder?

Until next time, XOXO

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j. humph rocked this episode.

not going to lie, the complete lack of suspense tonight was a little ridiculous. 
blair calls chuck inhuman, and says he should hang out with dan. dan’s mentor tells him he needs to break out of his boring holdenesque existence. chuck shows some pain, dan shows some spunk; they end up in jail. chuck finds out dan’s writing about him and freaks out (charlie trout! how original!!). i comment on how attractive ed westick is, even while sneering. julia makes note to start speaking in a whisper and avoid all eye contact with people. not sure it’d have quite the same effect.


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at the risk of being slightly inappropriate during this trying time…

…we knew the archibald’s were in trouble, but here’s hoping the waldorf’s will weather the storm.

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