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elly jackson looking a little severe

read an article last week in the guardian on the new wave of female singers embracing the 80’s asthetic, like La Roux, Little Boots, Lady Gaga, V.V. Brown and Ladyhawke.  It’s no secret that i adore these girls, as well as similar-minded artists like Lykke Li, Santogold Santigold, Robyn, Bat for Lashes and Annie. read the article here (interesting comments on the schtick / androgyny favored by some of these chickies – apparently Ladyhawke a.k.a. Pip Brown loves wearing boys’ underoos.)! 

Some goodies from the girlies (some reposts here):

Little Boots covering Time to Pretend on a tenori-on:

Ladyhawke – Dusk til Dawn (ft Pascal Gabriel)
La Roux – bulletproof
Little Boots – Meddle **
Lady Gaga – Eh Eh  (Nothing Else I can Say)
V.V. Brown – Quick Fix 
Lykke Li – Knocked Up (Kings of Leon cover / mash up) **
Robyn – Be Mine (Acoustic)
Bat for Lashes – Daniel (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix) **
Annie – Antonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
N.A.S.A. – Gifted ft Kanye, Santigold and Lykke Li Remix ** (i was gonna post a Santi track, but heck, this rules)
**highly recommended


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take that, tom lynch!

sorry, youre cute, but you're not in the band.

her: sorry, youre cute, but you're not in the band.

SO looking forward to Josh Schwartz’s new web series, Rockville, CA. basically a romantic comedy set in an indie rock club, complete with an adorable Seth Cohen-esque character and the token hot-but vacuous blonde and hot-and-knows-sick-tunes-but-wears-glasses brunette. Oh, and Matt Cohen plays a singer in one of the performing bands, and Veronica Mars‘s Ryan Hansen is the resident douche. Love it.  Other performers: Lykke Li, Fleet Foxes, the Broken West. Heck yes.

check out the trailer: http://www.thewb.com/shows/rockville-ca

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it’s like that time they married [dark] chocolate and peanut butter.


from N.A.S.A‘s upcoming The Spirit of Apollo: Gifted (feat. Kanye, Santogold and Lykke Li)

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okay, so maybe im behind, but last friday’s south of nowhere? im SO hopeful right now. it’s like 7 minutes in, and already im loving the spencer / paula interactions and im actually rooting for glen and chelsea (ashley, dont you dare fuck this up!! and take off that god awful top).

this season might actually be looking up. far less cheesy dialogue. actual acting. chemistry between ashley and spencer (at least when they werent speaking). maeve being awesooome (god, her character pulled a 180, and it’s amazing. i think we’re all wishing every mom were like her this season).  and… holy holy holy shit. that was awesome. glen, you roooock.

i feel like im rediscovering an old friend. here’s to hoping the show actually STAYS this good. oh, and while we asking for miracles, maybe the l word wont suck, either.

posted before but it’s a goodie: lykke li – little bit

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everyone loves to compare santogold to mia. i do not. both, however, happen to rock.

from Santogold’s mixtape with Diplo (yeah philly love!), Top Ranking, here’s santi’s Get It Up (Radioclit Mix feat. M.I.A. and Gorilla Zoe)
im hoping they collaborate more, and with the whole philly / diplo / spank rock connection, maybe ill get my wish…


more candy:

lykke li – little bit

discovered lykke back in april, and have been obsessed ever since. understated, playful, and absolutely brilliant. love those swedes.

yeasayer – 2080

when i was looking for an apt here back in march, this one girl who’s place i looked at in the marina. very sweet girl, kenyon alum, totally marina. she was funny, though – she had just moved out of a loft in soma where she was living with her hipster friends, and she was like, i go to the yeasayers! im indie! and of course i had no idea who the yeasayers were at this point. but to the point: this song is fantastic. layered, textured, syth-laden… just gorgeous.

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