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obsessions of the radio-friendly & indie variety:

*******GotyeLearnalilgivinanlovin’ (Passion Pit remix) <– absolutely stellar. fantastic remix of what might be my favorite new song. ********

Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend (Fake Blood Remix) <– holy crap i want to dance.

112 Dance With Me (SpekrFreks remix)<– how did i not know this song in the 90’s? amazing.

Plushgun Union Pool, Dancing in a Minefield <– just got intro’d to these guys. in love.

Chris Brown – Changed Man <– i dont believe him for one second, but damn this is catchy.

Mayer HawthorneYour Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ <– totally motown. i want to ride my bike to this song while eating a popsicle and solving summer mysteries with my 3 best friends.

Jack Splash ft Lupe Fiasco – Flashback <– funky as heck.

Bad VeinsGold and Warm <– woozy and dark and fabulous. the band i wish the strokes had been.

jjMasterplan <– gauzy. love love love this.

BeyoncePoison <– okay, actually, undecided on this one. not as catchy on the first listen, but it’s enjoyable.

WaleProlific ft. Kanye and Drake <– not sure if this is new, but im digging his raps. “by the way, im jewish… ” Also, check out this one: My Sweetie <– fantastic afro-beats.


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this has been my pick for some time now, and i havent found anything that gets even remotely close.  love the video, too. but why the heck is GaGa singing with that clutch??

“they call me Mr. Never-Wear-the-Same-Thing”

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lady gaga continues to amaze. the woman is a creative genius, and i totally dig it.

check out her performance on ellen of [a yet again rearranged] Poker Face, which showcases both her vocal talent and [ridiculously bizarre] creativity. the only thing im not digging is that insane [denim??] ensemble:

here’s the mp3: Poker Face (Live on Ellen)
+ my fave remix: Poker Face (Pete Rock Remix) [**fixed link]
+ my fave Lady Gaga guest appearance: Wale – Chillin’ (the chorus is so freaking catchy)

and from back when she was rocking out as Stefanie:
Red and Blue
Wish You Were Here

if you dig LG as much as i do, buy the album!

Oh, and here’s Rihanna’s new one, Silly Boy (take that, chris brown!) <– CORRECTION: Lady Gaga, via Kanye’s blog, just clarified that she is NOT on this track.

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