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suz, to me this morning:
wait. wait. wait.
is that i chopstick i spy?
were you eating at a CHINESE restaurant?
i don’t understand this new west coast alex.

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the movers come friday. my room is a mess. ive barely taken down all my posters; my clothes are all over the place; my belongings are in complete disarray.

i probably need to do something about that.

last weekend was a little insane. lots happened – none of it work related, for once – but still, it just made me think:

-james mcavoy is so englishly handsome
-some credit card companies are better than others – let’s just say capitalone does not outsource to anywhere in the continental united states
-be careful driving in the rain. it only takes an inch and a half to hydroplane (a rhyme!)
-always wear your seatbelt (it still shocks me that some people dont)
-family, even if you havent seen them in a while, is still family. make an effort.
-sometimes people arent always what you think they are – i wish we’d spent more time with our cousins growing up. i think theyre probably far less jappy than i thought they were
-packing is hard
-not packing is easy

i need to stop procrastinating.

does anyone else think it’s weird that when youre driving in a funeral party, youre supposed to just run all the red lights? how ironic is that?

tunes for you (all three of my devoted readers. mom, you out there?):
beat radio – elegy

oh, and major props to the standard tap for finding my wallet and keeping it intact!

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