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lindsay blogs about palin!

read it here!

and criticizes her homophobia! and actually sounds decently educated on the issues! and she and samantha both leave a little note at the end! hmmmm!

while i admit reading celeblogs is pretty awful, id like to remind you all that i dont get out much. i dont even really get to watch tv (except for gossip girl, which ive decided i need to see somehow), so i dont have shows like the hills (ick) to fulfill all my gossipy needs. thus, samro and lilo’s myspaces must suffice!


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loved this quote from a random blog, which manages to reference the only two topics im currently capable of posting about:

Lindsay Lohan has been more secretive about her relationship with Samantha Ronson than John McCain’s camp had tried to be about Bristol Palin‘s pregnancy.”

i promise to stop blogging about… okay, i promise to start blogging about other, more interesting things. labor day pics soon. perhaps something existential. maybe more tunes. cross your fingers.

not sure if ive posted this before, but if not, here’s lindsay’s new[ish] track, which may or may not be super catchy: bossy

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apologies: im currently incapable of blogging about anything else.

 “Five kids? Does anyone in that party understand the concept of pulling out?” —Bill Maher

HILARIOUS article over at nymag compiling some of the best jokes so far: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/09/sarah_palin_jokes_is_mccains_v.html

has anyone else seen the fake Sarah Palin Blog?

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despite my liberal-minded views, i admit i do sort of like mccain. thus, i wonder, did he make the right choice with Palin?

i wont pretend to know much about politics, but lets (to borrow a verb from marie) ruminate, shall we? mid 40’s, former basketball star turned beauty queen turned savvy, publicly-loved, no-nonsense governer from our youngest, most remote state chosen as 72 year old GOP candidate’s running mate against obama’s choice of the esteemed and stalwart (check your history textbooks, kids!) joe biden. have the repbulicans completely dropped the ball, or is this the smartest move theyve made in years? … it might just depend on how often she gets compared to dan quayle. eek.  no one deserves that!  she’s obviously a smart, driven politician, and i like that she really has never had any sort of white house ambition.  it’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out. sure, she’s inexperienced and young, but socially, she’s going to appeal to a whole heck of a lotta repubbies.

big ole x’s:
– totally pro life
– lifetime member of the NRA (did anyone see that picture of her and the bear she’d shot and killed? don’t mess with miss wasilla!)

some redeeming tidbits:
– when vogue (she was on their cover in jan!!!) asked what her favorite meal was, she answered, “Moose stew after a day of snowmachining.”  how awesome is that?!?
– she has a son who just enlisted to go to iraq. while i dont necc support the war, i do support our troops. this is going to win her a lot of votes.
– her youngest has down’s, and she’s been quoted as calling her son “absolutely perfect.” how can you not like a mom like that? a hot mom, who kills bears and catches fish and looks freaking fantastic doing it?

the race of the century just got thismuch more interesting.

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