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This made my day.
Reblogged from All the Sad Young Gossip Girls:

Spotted—xoxo, IPO.

I wonder who underwrote the Waldorf IPO. 
(and how many shares does Dorota get under the employee stock option plan?)

Props to Garrett for linking me to what might be my new favorite site. Oh, to have as much time on my hands as this creative soul.

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Bonfire of the Vanity

– blair droning on about her bday… blood orange martinis, hottest ever. who are these less attractive chicks kissing her ass?
– eleanor has a new man? i love how blair is just talk talk talking him up. wallace shawn is ALWAYS a surprise. (he never means any harm, he’s just lacking in… charm)
– ohh jenny. never trust a model who lives with her mother. dont you know she’ll do anything to claw her way out of that black hole?
– ahhhh wallace is SO cute
“it’s a death trap!…a guy starts out in his blue period and everything’s great but it;s only a matter of time before he’s all into cubism and it’s some other girl’s eye coming out of her forehead” – god, leighton gets THE best lines
dan humphrey is the biggest douchebag ever. seriously. who does this kid think he is??
– jenny humphrey on the streets?? good lord. it’s a good thing her eye makeup makes her look so tough.

The Magnificent Archibalds

ohhh jenny!
ohhh jenny!

– bart bass checking up on Eric’s bf?? auhghg i kind of LIKE bart. this is bad.
– okay, if aaron were actually upset about serena’s drinking – double standard! the guy’s a dog!
– aww i ❤ eleanor. and god, i live for these rare blair-jenny moments. i really need to watch the first season so i can see how they ever got to this point in the first place
– ohH! gayface moments… and here’s vanessa, ruining it all.
– auughh happy family at the waldorfs!
and again, vanessa is hella obnoxious.
but where’s bart?? aww he’s all alone tonight!
– okay, there’s NO way that turkey could be cooked THAT fast. SO fake.
– ahhhh wait, bart appears. sinister as ever. but it turns out vanessa is just as bad. god i hate that girl. tampering with mail is a felony, hello!!!

the best part about this episode: jenny laying off the eye shadow

two weeks: bart’s dead, im sure. vanessa tries to sabotage the nate / jenny thing even more. lonelyboy begs for scraps. the lily / rufus relationship drags on even further.
the only things im really looking forward to, though: wallace shawn being a total sweetie and further reducing the waldorf ice queen to a likeable puddle. chuck and blair getting it on. so hard.

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i heard a rumor about lil j getting pregnant. please, josh schwartz, no. just no.,\

i heard a rumor about li'l j getting pregnant. please, josh schwartz, no. just no.

in five clauses or less: jenny gets her work all over page six; serena is continually let down by artschoolgrad; things heat up between jenny and gayface; and blair gets stuck babysitting the (virginal) spawn of satan.

where to begin??

a week has gone by, and much has happened. i totally forgot about the downward spiral jenny seems to have slid down. ugh. hey, gayface has been ignoring her?? wait! this is good! i swear agnes will be the death of her, though…

oh, and before i forget: will someone please start a facebook group entitled “Jenny Humphrey, Ashley Simpson called and she wants her 2004 face back” before i have to? No on Eyeshadow ’08.

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