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Saw La Roux last night. fantastic show – Elly Jackson is a great performer, and very down to eart. She played a short set at Cafe du Nord, and it ended in a fantastic dance party to Bulletproof. My only complaint is that it was all ages – too many under 21ers singing at the top of their lungs. Otherwise, had a blast. Still wondering how she gets her hair to stay up….

La Roux – Fascination <– realized last night while belting this out that it might just be my fave EJ track. so very much fun.


Some recent tracks ive mailed out and gotten great feedback on.

Florence and the Machine – Postcards from Italy (Beirut) <– it’s no secret i adore Florence. 

Plushgun – Just Impolite <– somewhere between silversun pickups and death cab. really freaking good.

Local Natives – Sun Hands, World News <– have def posted them before. tons of fun. soCal boys with a totally unique sound.

Some other obsessions.

Atlas Sound – Walkabout (w/ Panda Bear) <— need i say more?!??!

Florence and the Machine –> fatastic acoustic cuts of select Lungs tracks – Dog Days Are Over (acoustic) & Rabbit Heart (acoustic) 

Kinetics & One Love – Dazed and Confused <– this song just makes me happy. more gauzy electropop.

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Ahh, year end. crisp winter nights, hot chocolate (now, with red peppers ala kat), new sweaters, snuggly scarves, wool socks, brisk runs, red noses, holiday cheer (and snark), and lists! Lists upon lists upon lists! who’s been naughty, who’s  been nice; ingredients for jb’s mother’s ginger snaps; recipients of belated holiday cards, gifts for sister and parents,  pumpkin beers ive yet to try… and last but not least, the best-of lists!!

now, to try and put these in any logical order would be ridiculous and unfair. and when i say the best of ’08, lets not go crazy trying to define what that means for albums released in 2006 in Sweden (thank god Robyn is finally getting some recognition) or the UK (ooh adele! mgmt!). lets just drop all the pretentious logistical stuff and say that here follow the tunes that i dug like mad in ’08.

some are just tracks, others are albums (i admit it, some cds i just didnt listen to all  of – leona lewis, for example – and some i couldnt stop spinning). but all were tunes that will forever remind me of the  following: early mornings driving on brick roads through baltimore, that giddy feeling you get when you realize youre smack dab in the middle of falling in love, packing up and moving all the way across the country, spending lazy nights with the roommies, blogging the multitudes of pop culture crap, running along the bay on the perfect afternoon – the lights just beginning to dim and everything illuminated by soft lights on the water, bike rides down hills at top speed, bike rides uphill and miserable, dance parties in soma till the early morning, road trips down route 1 in search of the perefct bag of cherries, sunday afternoons overlooking dolores park with a nora roberts novel and warm beet salad, grilling on my balcony while the sun goes down, and taking giant blindfolded leaps of proverbial cliffs…

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the final countdown!

the bachelorette finale is tonight!!

also, i cant believe i didnt realize one of my fave songs of late is actually a boss cover.

florence and the machines – im going down
some have likened florence welch to kate nash, but i beg to differ. i like nash, but there’s something welch that just makes her infectious.

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