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take that, tom lynch!

sorry, youre cute, but you're not in the band.

her: sorry, youre cute, but you're not in the band.

SO looking forward to Josh Schwartz’s new web series, Rockville, CA. basically a romantic comedy set in an indie rock club, complete with an adorable Seth Cohen-esque character and the token hot-but vacuous blonde and hot-and-knows-sick-tunes-but-wears-glasses brunette. Oh, and Matt Cohen plays a singer in one of the performing bands, and Veronica Mars‘s Ryan Hansen is the resident douche. Love it.  Other performers: Lykke Li, Fleet Foxes, the Broken West. Heck yes.

check out the trailer: http://www.thewb.com/shows/rockville-ca


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okay, so maybe im behind, but last friday’s south of nowhere? im SO hopeful right now. it’s like 7 minutes in, and already im loving the spencer / paula interactions and im actually rooting for glen and chelsea (ashley, dont you dare fuck this up!! and take off that god awful top).

this season might actually be looking up. far less cheesy dialogue. actual acting. chemistry between ashley and spencer (at least when they werent speaking). maeve being awesooome (god, her character pulled a 180, and it’s amazing. i think we’re all wishing every mom were like her this season).  and… holy holy holy shit. that was awesome. glen, you roooock.

i feel like im rediscovering an old friend. here’s to hoping the show actually STAYS this good. oh, and while we asking for miracles, maybe the l word wont suck, either.

posted before but it’s a goodie: lykke li – little bit

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okay, five minutes into the new SON and i cant keep still. first things first: im okay with them picking up where they left off, but leaving that atrocity on glenn;s face? not cool. and kyla being a whorish party girl? sort of over it. they need to get rid of that doofy haired creepster fast. he’s obnoxious, and is making me dislike kyla (which i hate to do!). ashley’s looking good with the straight ‘do, though i cant say im diggin’ her middle school plasticky outfit. senior year, people, come on! okay, so she’s not in school, but still. i seem to recall her looking more joan jett and less sparkle barbie in the past. bring back the sexy, tight camo tees ashley. oh and spencer – what was wardobe thinking this year?? the cuffed jeans and tank are cute enough, but i really hope that atrocious red, vest-like thing draped over your chest was supposed to indicate youd justhadthebestsexofyourlifeandarenowlateforlife look, and not some new outlandish style youre going to rock for the next ten episodes.

okay, enough criticisms. let’s talk paula, who just so happens to be my favorite character thus far. kindly lecturing spencer on respect and being late with nary a homoskeptic remark? making a comment about experimenting with sexuality? smiling ever so sexily while hugging your tv-daughter? maeve, i love you. and i love this paula. it’s incredibly refreshing and sweet to see her lecturing spencer on something completely natural and separate from her issues about her sexuality. i can already tell any drama this season wont be caused by mama carlin, and i have to admit, it gives me warm fuzzies.

ok, more later!

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