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went to the vigil for anti-prop 8 support tonight at city hall. wish id done more during the election than just pass on a few emails and vote. i realized last week how incredibly important this all is, and im really glad i went tonight.  it was just amazing to stand outside with an entire community, and listen to these incredible speeches about overcoming discrimination, never stopping the fight for our rights, and treating everyone (even prop-8) supporters with respect and tolerance – we need to remind the world that we are one and the same. when a group of people takes away the rights of some; they take away the freedom of all.

oh hello loyal reader (val).  here’s a treat for you: New MIA: SUS (Save Ur Soul) 
(ill ignore the use of the word “ur” for “your”, Maya, but know youre on thin ice.)

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oh, and here’s an election day treat for you: NEW KANYE: Anyway (ft. Kid Cudi)

speaking of Kid Cudi, i know NOTHING about rap, but this is an awesome track: Embrace the Martian (ft. Crookers)

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vote no on 8, please.

im glad google has it right. i just hope others see and condemn the gross discrimination behind the prop.

(thanks garr)

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