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love it. but does anyone else think this promo is a little tame for our newly college freshmen?

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the GG reality index:

Okay, so let’s get into this subplot, of the real show, wherein Chuck creates Blair’s dream prom for her just “to make sure she had the perfect night.” This is the type of totally unrealistic, hokey plotline that damages young girls forever and fucks up their expectations for men in general. Like on a scale of one to ten, one being Dan’s borrowing a dress from his sister for Serena and ten being the most popular guy in school dumping his hot girlfriend in order to show up at the house of some sophomore he’s never met in a muscle-hugging plaid shirt and whisk her off in a red Ferrari to enjoy a makeout sesh over a birthday cake because she seems, like, real, Chuck’s fairy-godmother act is a least a seven or an eight. First of all, high-school guys are neither detail-oriented nor especially thoughtful, and they are certainly not into performing selfless actions of romance they will not get credit, i.e. laid, for. If they do, then they are stalkers and weird. Second, Jessica has lived her entire life without ever having received a dress mysteriously delivered in a box from Paris that looked like a hideous Beyoncé creation on the hanger but in real life was breathtaking and fit her exactly, and she has a sneaking suspicion that this is due less to her station in life than the fact that it never happens to anyone, ever. If you know differently, please e-mail jpressler [at] nymag.com with the entire story. Until then, minus 10.

for serious. and i love dailyintel for tossing another john hughes reference in there.

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JSzhor on EWest

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Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester – Good Girls Go Bad.

So ridiculously catchy.  Starting off on a Cobra Starship track is a pretty smart move; lets hope it pays off. Looking forward to her debut from Universal; crossing my fingers she’ll have staying power.  (but does anyone else think it’s odd that the track was written by Kevin Rudolf and Kara DioGuardi? whatever happened to pop punk acts that wrote their own overly emotional material??)

EDIT: here’s another: Leighton – Birthday ft. Awesome New Republic <– this track is fantastic.

in other news, Ed Westwick isnt her only castmate fronting a band. Taylor Momsen’s been rocking out some crazy pipes for her band, Pretty Reckless.  The girl’s got talent, and the band is pretty legit: theyre touring with the Veronicas this summer.

Pretty Reckless – song ripped from the youtube vid.

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here’s the track –> yeah yeah yeah’s zero

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