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N.A.S.A – Whatchadoin (feat Spank Rock, MIA and Santogold)

dig it.

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it’s like that time they married [dark] chocolate and peanut butter.


from N.A.S.A‘s upcoming The Spirit of Apollo: Gifted (feat. Kanye, Santogold and Lykke Li)

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dear g-d: it’s me, alex. please please please dont let Helena lose her job. Again. Kbye.
ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

ive never even used the term fail before. but it so applies.

 Sent at 10:55 AM on Friday
Val: hmm
i’m kind of dreading this season.

Alexandra: me too
it’s going to be awful
Alexandra: i just want light fun, no one dying / being an alcoholic / cheating on their one true love / burning something down / getting fired from their job / going to jail / getting cancer / being assaulted / being blackballed / leaving someone at the altar / doing drugs / having their life stolen by an ungrateful, less attractive doppelganger / or dating men entertainment. i want flowers and puppies and flirtation and late nights dancing and group hangs and early mornings cuddling and crazy sexy chemistry and professional success and financial security and good hair and no bad things happening to good (or severely battered-after-five-seasons) characters. oh and i want rachel shelley all to myself.
is that too much to ask?
Val: yes that is.
A summary, in tunes (hover over the link to see the track):
major betrayal here. 
oh well. i’ll live. 
it helps that rachel shelley is pretty.  

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of late:


this is everywhere right now, but whatevs. lindsay jew’s it up while [thank god] ensuring her adoring fans [read: me] all is well in the state of celezbrity:

oy vey! rumors..

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.
samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up
take care

so glad that got cleared up!

Julia’s text to me over thanksgiving:

Dreamed i was serena and dating chuck. Blair hated me. It was awesome.

Serena and chuck? thank god you really were dreaming (but ooh, that wardrobe!!).

Oh, and good stuff from Lily Allen. And a Jay-Z / Santogold track produced by Kanye?? Love it.
Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard
Lily Allen – The Fear
and cause i can; Britney – Amnesia

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this week: all that lack of sleep suddenly caught up wiht me and i got sick =(
did make it out tuesday night to see Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond, Mates of State and Santogold at the fillmore, though!

mates of state were awesome, as always. Kori was even rocking the dress from the pic above. she had her bangs in her eyes, and she and jason couldnt stop grinning. they played a great mix of the old and new (and gave me a newfound appreciation for “jigsaw”), and put on a solid show. i was a little sad that they were opening for Santi (wouldnt it make more sense for her to open for them??), but they graciously rocked it nonetheless.
from Re-Arrange Us, My Only Offer 

santi took the stage a little after 10:30, and the crowd went insane. she performed with a dj, and two backup singers / dancers in schoolgirl white and waist-high pants who wore shades, betrayed no emotions, and danced their pants off all night. put on a great show – tons of energy, genuine interactions with the audience (talk about all smiles), and fantastic execution. played some slower stuff i was surprised about, but the audience reacted pretty well. good crowd – a nice mix of indie kids and hip hoppers – santi sort of floats across the spectrum; thus her mass appeal. she even played some tracks from her mixtape with Diplo, including my favorite, “get it up” (ive posted it somewhere on this blog, i think…)

all in all, a stellar tuesday night show. except for the fact that i ended up sick as a dog on wednesday and thursday. luckily sleeping 12+ hours seemed to help a little.

oh, does anyone else think Santogold’s outfit looks a heckuva lot like Kenley’s “hip hop” outfit for Leanne on this season’s Project Runway??!? The chick is crazy, and the outfit was certainly NOT Alicia Keys or anything remotely Li’l Kim or NWA.  Santi White, though, pulls it off somehow.  As Li’l Mama might put it, She be Kill’n it! You know?? she stabbed that chicken in the heart! 

oh, and here’s the mixtape. it’s all in one track, but it’s well worth listening to all in one piece. think ive posted bits and pieces before…
Santogold & Diplo: Top Ranking – A Diplo Dub

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Weird Science came out today!
Lovers Day

Acid Tongue came out, too!
Tryin’ My Best

oh, and so did these two (sort of)!
Hold it In

oh, and i just bought tickets to see Santogold!
with Mates of State and Low vs. Diamond!
Anyone want to come with?
Santogold – Your Voice

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all songs considered compiled a best of 08′ thus far for last week’s show.  topping the list? panic and the disco, mgmt, girl talk, and frightened rabbit.  cant say i disagree. santogold even made the list! 

ive heard a lot about panic’s new album, and i have to say, im pretty impressed. it’s hard to dismiss all the beatles mentions in reviews: in their soph effort, the band is much more self aware, subdued and mature -there’s a definite beach boys-esque feel that works really well.  the record, pretty odd, was put out by pete wentz’s fueled by ramen imprint, decaydance records. looks like the emo kids are growing up.

check out the show here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92283650 for tracks that fans loved, but the show missed.

what are your faves of 08? ill post some of mine over the next few days.

for now, here are two of mine (and nprs!) –>
mgmt’s time to pretend
santogold’s say aha

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