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does the new britney remind you of the new lindsay at all? at least the lyrics do.

not going to lie, i love lilo (hello, confessions of a broken heart??!?, but new britney is insanely good. what do you think?

britney – mannequin
lilo – bossy

oh, and did anyone else notice the slight les bit to how i met your mother this week???? if only it’d involved colbie smulders


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Matthew:  hey Alex, hate to do this to ya seeing how much you love Lindsay Lohan
but you may want to find another person to fantasize over
she says, “it’s exciting, because we have our first colored president”
colored? c’mon
me:  hhaaaaa ive seen this! i took a quote from it for my blog.  
yeah, she’;s retarted. retarded. ack
(well, that was silly)
Matthew:  ok just making sure
me:  hahaa what would i do without you? ps. thanks for reading my asinine blog
Matthew:  the entire world would fall apart if I stopped keeping tabs on it.
me:  fact!
Matthew:  np, it’s the anthropologist in me trying to figure out people.
me: haha or the procrastinator trying to avoid studying, and the dude checking out lindsay’s chest
Matthew:  and here I was trying to take the high road

one more thing – re: my last post; why are people making olbermann’s speech a race issue? [see the comments on msnbc’s page / the alleged decision not to air the special comment in CA last night] he’s speaking to everyone, and most specifically, those who voted yes on 8 / take religious offense to same sex marriage.  he’s not trying to equate the barriage ban to slavery – Olbermann just wants to point out that despite slavery and segregation being incredibly wrong, they persisted; and that the discrimination faced by homosexuals today is not dissimilar to the way african americans were denied their rights.  there’s no racial argument here, just a plea for human kindness and respect.

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lindsay blogs about palin!

read it here!

and criticizes her homophobia! and actually sounds decently educated on the issues! and she and samantha both leave a little note at the end! hmmmm!

while i admit reading celeblogs is pretty awful, id like to remind you all that i dont get out much. i dont even really get to watch tv (except for gossip girl, which ive decided i need to see somehow), so i dont have shows like the hills (ick) to fulfill all my gossipy needs. thus, samro and lilo’s myspaces must suffice!

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massive post devoted to lronson at thisrecording.wordpress

alex carnevale isnt especially hilarious, but there’s some good snark and he posted some of samro’s mp3s (yes!!). and i did enjoy these tidbits:

“I’m not one of those people that finds lesbians extra-special erotic. I find them intriguing because they’re just like us.”  <– oh alexc, i can certainly relate!

“…if I was also a sexy and discerning lesbian candy treat” (who wouldnt wish this?)

i realize this could have been on val’s blog. or our new secret blog. i thought about sparing everyone who doesnt care, but then i just thought, what the heck.

ps. tonight, erin commented on aforementioned secret blog, and when an email hit my inbox with a cute message ending with “i wuv you”, my immediate thought was, ooh! i hope val doesnt get jealous
but then i realized she was an administrator, too, and that the comment was in fact directed at her. dammit.

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