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Bonfire of the Vanity

– blair droning on about her bday… blood orange martinis, hottest ever. who are these less attractive chicks kissing her ass?
– eleanor has a new man? i love how blair is just talk talk talking him up. wallace shawn is ALWAYS a surprise. (he never means any harm, he’s just lacking in… charm)
– ohh jenny. never trust a model who lives with her mother. dont you know she’ll do anything to claw her way out of that black hole?
– ahhhh wallace is SO cute
“it’s a death trap!…a guy starts out in his blue period and everything’s great but it;s only a matter of time before he’s all into cubism and it’s some other girl’s eye coming out of her forehead” – god, leighton gets THE best lines
dan humphrey is the biggest douchebag ever. seriously. who does this kid think he is??
– jenny humphrey on the streets?? good lord. it’s a good thing her eye makeup makes her look so tough.

The Magnificent Archibalds

ohhh jenny!
ohhh jenny!

– bart bass checking up on Eric’s bf?? auhghg i kind of LIKE bart. this is bad.
– okay, if aaron were actually upset about serena’s drinking – double standard! the guy’s a dog!
– aww i ❤ eleanor. and god, i live for these rare blair-jenny moments. i really need to watch the first season so i can see how they ever got to this point in the first place
– ohH! gayface moments… and here’s vanessa, ruining it all.
– auughh happy family at the waldorfs!
and again, vanessa is hella obnoxious.
but where’s bart?? aww he’s all alone tonight!
– okay, there’s NO way that turkey could be cooked THAT fast. SO fake.
– ahhhh wait, bart appears. sinister as ever. but it turns out vanessa is just as bad. god i hate that girl. tampering with mail is a felony, hello!!!

the best part about this episode: jenny laying off the eye shadow

two weeks: bart’s dead, im sure. vanessa tries to sabotage the nate / jenny thing even more. lonelyboy begs for scraps. the lily / rufus relationship drags on even further.
the only things im really looking forward to, though: wallace shawn being a total sweetie and further reducing the waldorf ice queen to a likeable puddle. chuck and blair getting it on. so hard.


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check out that view!

if i were sam, id be enjoying that view, too

from Harper’s current cover story with lilo:

“I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing,” Lindsay admits after much, much prodding. “I think it’s no shock to anyone that it’s been going on for quite some time. … She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

i also very much enjoyed this quote:

“There’s not much you can do with leggings, but I’m doing everything I can,”

im with team lilo on that one.
eat your heart out, Waldorf.

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garrett has never led me astray. if you’re not reading vulture, you need to be. daily intel, brilliant.
oh, and the best blog on the internet that you cannot comment on? righthere.
from the preliminary tally on last night’s episode:
• Dan spots Serena coming out of class and says, “How is AP Economics treating you?” Minus 10. Because as if.
interesting article on the olsen twins in the nytimes (courtesy of thisguy). those two work their asses off, and it’s nice to see them getting some press for their business savvy.
on the paparazzi:
[the press] remains a persistent source of anxiety for the Olsens. “Honestly, I’m a wreck,” Ashley said. “Every time I see a camera, I’m a wreck.” The sisters had just been surrounded by photographers in London a few days earlier. “I don’t tend to react as though ‘I have to do this, it’s my job,’ ” Ashley continued. “I am reacting as a woman who is 5- foot-1 whose space is being invaded by a bunch of men whose aggression I can literally feel.
read the article here
OH! i almost forgot!
MORE new kanye: Robocop .
okay, love lockdown was cool, heartless was pretty sick, and i really dug coldest winter. not sure how i feel about this track yet, though. im still holding out for some diversity.

annnnd here’s another goodie. this band reminds me of yeasayer, but it’s a little more dancy / ridic.
passion pit: sleepyhead. i swear this song will make you smile. it’s all lush and love and fairytales.


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ahhh college! how convenient that all our upper east siders all have the same dream school! it’s like dawson’s creek – you KNOW there’s no way dawson and jen would ever have gone to the same college. she was SO nyu, he was SO lameface. pacey would have done honors at state college, and joey would have gone to brown. seriously. BUT i digress.

yale: queen b’s dream school. the shining star in the triumvirate that is harvard, princeton and yale. how ambitious of the crowd! im thinking new haven is close enough that next year, the kids can do the college thing and be back in the city often enough to keep the show spicy. and where’s gg going to go? will kristen bell ever make an appearance? or is she slick like ghostwriter (remember him? damn those were cool new yorkers)! and um, blair, there ARE other ivies!

in fact, lets place a few of the kids now:

dan: sensitive writer from brooklyn – the kid’s got columbia written all over him
chuck: princeton‘s probably the only place i could imagine kids wearing the getups he does and still get away with it. plus, his ego’s already the size of the eastern seaboard
serena: i could just see her strolling down locust walk in green tights and a tin lunchbox. hello, Penn IS the party ivy. then again, maybe blair was right. Brown does have a certain off-kilter attractiveness to it
blair: i can actually see her at yale. buuut she bombed that one (did she really kiss the dean? eek, awkward!). looks like she’s going to Penn, too. she and Serena can do drinks at Pod and charm the St. A’s boys (SO Nate, unless he decides drinking heavily and throwing chairs out of windows for him, in which case he;ll be up in snowy new hamphire)

okay, so im biased. but really, none of these kids is smart enough for harvard, and cornell is totally lame.

oh right, the episode. here’s what we learned:


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blair and the lord are over?? S is back; dethroning queen B?? what is UP with chuck?? when he does his adorable little evil look, what exactly is he looking at? the duchess is gone??!? that transfer chick was hired?? to talk about rilke?? vanessa couldnt wait five little minutes and totally jumped the gun and ruined things with nate? he wont forgive her for lying to him (he is such a girl)?? MGMT is getting playtime at everyone’s favorite underage-serving upper east side school-night joint (LOVE it. see my post earlier today)??? mama van der woot wants rufus but he isnt having any of it? jenny is in her boss’s good graces? dan the hobbit is being obnoxious as usual?? blair is actually really upset about marcus? theyre playing Santogold’s “Shove It” when Lonely Boy gets ostracized in the quad (hell freaking yes, Santi!)? they’re all working those school girl outfits way better than britney ever did???!

loving it.

revenge is just tacky, S.

guess who’s back?

dont you get it, cute brooklyn girl? im way too pretty for my own good!

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