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Saw Twilight last night, and it really deserves a post of its own. for now, though: (1) thank god they just fired Catherine Hardwicke from New Moon.  As a director, she just plain blows. The music? The ridiculously slow shots? The embarassingly obvious “he’s cold, and pale, and oh my god, vampire?!?” The complete overacting – which was pretty painful, save the fact that Kristen Stewart (what a cutie!) does a great impression of being about to come about 78% of the movie… and (2) last night i opened Nora Robert’s Birthright and the first sentence? “Douglas Edward Cullen had to pee” !! Coincidence? I think not.  Stephanie Meyer, who? It’s all about Nora, baby. (and i love that Google reader has like 480 pages of this book online!!)


in other news: (more…)


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