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Ambassadors – Unconsolable <– love the lyrics and semi-lazy delivery. totally catchy drum beat. i can totally forgive that unconsolable is NOT a word.

Jim Ward ft. Tegan Quin – Broken Songs <– ex-ADTI / Sparta frontman Ward and 1/2 of my fave chick band? fantastically sparse.


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some of these may have gone out in my [now-sporadic] mp3 email blast, cant remember. but some tunes to enjoy:

steel train – firecracker <— big fan of these guys; unfortunate that we showed up late to the tegan & sara concert last fri and missed their opening.  total indie pop. catchy as heck.

alex winstonanimal baby <— fantastic retro beats, and totally reminiscent of dragonette, in a very very good way.

sea wolf – oh maria! <— genius. sea wolf reminds me of bright eyes meets interpol meets the arcade fire, and i freaking love that.

chetthe night the night <— i remember listening to this last summer and just loving it. quiet and sparse and slightly fleet foxy, and not surprising that the lead singer is also from Frog Eyes.  it might take a little patience, but this is gorgeous.

local nativeswide eyes <— love these dudes. and a special place in my heart considering theyre friends with Kat from back in LA. gorilla manor is just fantastic, and youll be hearing a lot more from them. check out previous posts for more tracks; i know ive posted a bunch.

basia bulatbefore i knew <— such a fan. it’s not, “in the night”, but it’s pretty darn enjoyable. i have yet to dislike anything she’s done – it’s all gorgeous and interesting. also check out, “the hem of his garment”

fear of tigersi can make the pain disappear <— see my last post! why is this so damn catchy?

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