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the ultimate goal.

lots going on. ish.
tab started wards and is on Q4, half-trained for a half marathon and beat my goal time of 2 hrs by 7 minutes thanks to CJ and Lauren, attempting to study for more tests, earnings season is about to start, obsessed with anything and everything by Harlan Coben, trying to get back into my weekly mp3 blasts but failing miserably, working on perfecting my poached egg (more vinegar? less??), trying to do more yoga (and work on those ridiculously fun arm balances), juggle lots of visiting friends and family, try to actually train for another half next month, keep up with work, make more banana pancakes on lazy sundays w tab, check out all the new restaurants that keep popping up in the mission, and still work in some time for both the laundry and the pup.  and maybe carve a pumpkin this weekend?

some goodies:
Dead Man’s Bones – Pa Pa Power <– if you liked “my body’s a zombie for you” – which i did, youll dig this.
Interpol – Barracade <– still not sure how i feel about the rest of Paul Banks & Co’s new LP, but this is good
Morgan Page & Lissie – Longest Road <– been overplaying this all summer and it gets better every time
Gayngs – By Your Side <– Justin Vernon + 22 friends covering Sade? perfection
Passion Pit – Tonight, Tonight <– dont worry, i havent forgotten these guys. Fantastic pumpkins cover.

Also started a tumblr @ rightmindleftcoast.tumblr.com but undecided about whether or not anyone but t will read it. plus, you cant post more than one mp3 a day. we’ll see.


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