it’s not over…

just read books 1 through 7. talk about literary crack (or, in my case, it’s its) – you know it’s bad, but it’s so good you just cant stop.  i’ve got them in pdfs, so let me know if you want ’em.

now i just need to get my hands (mouse) on an electronic version of book #8, Wanted.
because really, ive got to know: what were jenna and jason fighting about? and will aria ever give up her weird attraction to older men? and why must emily STILL be so pathetic about Ali? and is she ever going to stop feeling guilty for having sex (and liking it)? and is spencer ever going to get in her parent’s good graces again? and when will hanna redeem herself? i dont trust kate either, but she might be going a liiiittle overboard. has anyone else finished 1-7 and care to speculate??

oh and i guess i totally need to watch episode 2. good thing i already know more than enough about the Jenna thing! but whyd ABC family make Toby 2010 so creepy looking? isnt he supposed to be all angular and gorgeous?


hey cutie.

alloy entertainment is like nora roberts for the tween crowd. and me.
plus, there’s totally a lez storyline (and it’s not just for sweeps!).
this better be on hulu.

this looks gooooood.

The stars, the moon
they have all been blown out

t minus three

just kidding.

favorite new discovery: Savoir Adore
delicious pop, very much in the vein of tilly and the wall / saddle creekers. highly enjoyable.
Savoir Adore – Early Bird

take my hand
watch the sparrows descend
in the darkness
we had time to pretend

night retreats
we’ll get back on our feet
leave the winter behind
as we head towards the heat

about time.

so good.

Hey girl in the strobing light /
What your mama never told ya /
Is love hurts when you do it right /
You can cry when you get older

robyn – cry when you get older